You want to join the Aldeus digital SFX (2D/3D) team?

Here are some submission guidelines
(directly borrowed from Blur Studio in California):

We don't want to look at your resume.
We don't want to hear what an "asset you'll be to our company".
We don't want you to meet you so you can show us your images.
We don't want to imagine what kind of CG artist you would be "if only you had the chance."
We don't want to look at the school project you did with 15 other students.
We don't want to give you criticism on past or present work.
We don't want to hear your life's story.
We don't want to know ANYTHING about you, until we've seen either your demo reel or samples of your work on the web.


Our search for great artists never ends.
And we need you to have strong photo-realistic notions for CGI.
If you think your work is definitely good enough for film, and if our set-up sounds cool, we want to see your reel or your website.
If you are a REALLY good novice, send us your reel or website address too.
If your work is "just okay", if it looks like everybody else's, don't waste your and our time.
We seek talent, creativity, good communications skills, and a sense of humour.
We try to make and maintain a creative environment and arrange for CG artists to work with artists from other fields (music, design, painting...).

E-mail us your website address or send us a reel of your best work at
7 bis rue Jean Jaures
94510 La Queue en Brie

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