For its sets, Aldeus uses real locations, sound stages, small-scale models of the real thing, glass paintings and digital images (matte paintings) placed behind the scene being shot, digital 3D constructions...


Producing Aldeus in France has a big advantage, with many castles, ancient buildings and medieval ruins to choose from, and a broad diversity of natural environments. The first shoot required very specific medieval buildings and had to be near Paris.
Provins, a fortified city in Seine-et-Marne, was the best place to use. Scenes were shot in a cold damp church with great natural light, in underground passages dug straight into the bedrock under medieval buildings, in a vaulted rooms that were used for storage back in the time of medieval trade fairs.
For a visit of these locations, see the Tourist Office of Provins (tel: 33 1 64 60 26 26).

A short scene was filmed at night in the ruins of the Dammarie-les-Lys Chapel. In the process of being restored, this XVth century wonder is curiously located smack in the middle of modern day towers.

For digital sets, see the CGI (computer generated images) page.