Aldeus' world is baroque, Dantesque.

Characters are larger-than-life.
Storms and supernatural forces saturate a universe that attempts an ultimate effort not to sink into destruction.
An epic breath sweeps over a world on the edge of chaos.

Production Design develops everything that visually conveys the mood, the atmosphere of this world, from costumes, sets, accessories to light and cinematography.

Aldeus is a story told above all in pictures. Every visual element participates in the story, drawing the viewer into another world, entirely different yet not unlike his own.

An entire visual universe is recreated. It represents a world of Wagnerian size, with its own architecture, its own fashion, its landscapes, its light, its creatures...
Production design was launched at the very beginning of the project and continues today.

Spending time on design gives it richness and maturity. Numerous drawings are necessary to bring to life the dwellers of Aldeus' world. Preliminary sketches are shown here. More advanced designs are kept secret until the film's release.