"Our world has two sides, just like a coin. We live on the top side. Underneath is the Nadir, where dark creatures roam, the Nightmares. And when the stars align themselves in the Great Conjunction, then the Nightmares try to invade the top of the world."

But what happens when men are worse than Nightmares? As the Conjunction approaches, an even bigger danger threatens the greatest nation of the world.

And when a Nightmare appears at court and strikes the imperial family, it becomes obvious that a traitor has opened a passage for him. But for what purpose? Who would be insane enough to make a pact with such creatures? Who could benefit from their victory? And who is really pulling the strings?

Aldeus de Montclar, a young knight with a mysterious past, finds himself having to pursue the traitors in a desperate search.

His entire life shifts when, for the first time, he meets the Out-of-Faith, travellers of unknown origin. These people are unable to see or even imagine the existence of the Nightmares. They seem able to travel in any direction throughout the world without ever reaching its edge.

Beyond the raging war and the diabolical machination ensnaring him, Aldeus will make a discovery about the true nature of the Nightmares, one that will change his life and his world forever.