WIDE develops and produces original stories set in imaginary universes (science fiction, medieval - fantastic, etc.). Its digital special effects / post-production unit and its particular interest in new technologies give Wide a strategic advantage in production.

Wide creates mainly for the 15-35 years old age group. The producers privilege strong atmospheres, rich visuals, and effective scenarios. Projects, predominantly thrillers and action-adventure, are intended for additional markets beyond film and television, including video games, interactive multimedia, print, comics, and merchandising.

The French production company located near Paris was founded by Mireille Frenette and Benoit Guerville who combine 10 years of North American management with 10 years of film, ads and music video direction in France. Shoots take place indifferently in French or in English, with contributors from around the world.

Aside from ALDEUS, WIDE has other projects on its development slate, including two films, a turn-of-the century fantastical whodunit and a science fiction thriller, as well as three series based respectively in Ancient Egypt, the late 1800's, and the 60's.